Thursday, August 7, 2008

Being a big fish in a small pond

After 9 years in Winter Park, Colorado I'm not considered a "true" local (as I have been told the bar is 10 years, and I didn't quite make it.) And it looks like I may never make it, despite time spent at town council meetings, Rotary Club lunches, years of Art Affair book sales, soccer fields, and on chair lifts and snow-covered slopes. Despite the fact that I know all the trail systems from Idlewild to Silvercreek, and that I hike to Devil's Thumb every summer. Despite the fact that I read stories and sang the "Ants Go Marching" song to pre-schoolers who are now teens, and that I can't go into a restaurant, grocery store, or the bank without seeing someone I know.

Is it a good thing to be comfortable in a place, so much so that everything is easy and everyone is a friend or acquaintance? Is it good to be a big fish in a small pond for so long?